How to Gain Access

Here are some things to keep in mindwhile using our website!

1.  In order to become a member and see reviews, we require that users complete at least one review for a program they rotated with. This is to ensure that all reviews are posted by either current or former medical students who have closely worked with these residency programs (although our network is designed specifically for medical students, residents and attendings can still join and share their experiences).

2.  You don’t have to limit your reviews to your desired specialty (although this is definitely encouraged!). Just because you’re going into surgery doesn’t mean you can’t review a pediatrics program and vice versa. We believe that the more information you have the better.

3.  You will also be able to communicate with others by responding to posted reviews or by searching for users who have rotated with a certain program.

4.  Lastly, if you “Favorite” a certain residency program, you can choose to receive notifications when a new review is posted or when a new user who has rotated with that program joins our network. These notifications can be customized to accommodate your specific needs.