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University of Missouri-Columbia Program: Dermatology

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8.  What type of environment do the attendings create for the residents and medical students?

Are most attendings dedicated to teaching or do they consider it an impediment to their primary practice? Do attendings actively engage residents/medical students or are they generally dismissive? What is the general attitude that attendings take towards residents and medical students? How comfortable were residents/medical students when approaching attendings with questions regarding patient care?

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9.  What was the environment like for the residents?

Are the residents overworked or is there a reasonable work-life balance? Are residents more “work colleagues” or a “close-knit family”? Do resident teams work in a strict hierarchy or is it more informal? How often did senior residents take the time to teach junior residents and medical students? Are junior residents/interns left to figure things out on their own or did they receive meaningful direction from senior residents? Do residents try to look out for each other or just themselves?

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